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Hidden In Yeshua

September 6, 2015

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In this post an attempt will be made to answer the question why the suffering. The answer may seem like an over simplification to the immense problems and complexities of life itself. But it is necessary to put this great and distressing question into a simpler perspective. If you have followed this blog thus far, you should be aware that Yeshua is the Word of the Lord God YHWH in place of the human soul. But what does this have to do with suffering? It does.

Let’s say that in order to answer the question why the suffering, one must understand what is everything. From the cosmos to our Milky Way galaxy to our solar system to our planet to humanity to the molecular level to the atomic level to the most fundamental subatomic level, ALL IS INFORMATION (not the Matrix). All this information can be thought of as a divine pattern, a pattern that has intelligent design. For instance, the more order there is in our universe the more organization of what you can see is the result. Think of it this way. If there was no order there would be nothingness. This nothingness could be thought of as a singularity. But singularity doesn’t seem to be a suitable explanation when taking into account the organization of the visible galaxies that make up the estimated 4 to 5 percent of matter in the universe. There is a divine pattern.

Something cannot come from nothing alone without divine intervention. The big bang falls short of this simply because of the question as to who put the scientific laws that made possible the big bang. There is an attempt to explain this from a secular point of view called broken symmetry. See the following link ( Because the observation of the big bang is itself an impossibility, the secular attempt to explain the big bang is mathematically. If all the forces that govern the cosmos can be unified with the forces that govern the quantum field, the mathematical vehicle the secularists would use to explain the big bang would be spontaneous symmetry breaking. This is because all those forces governed all the matter that was theorized to have come from a fixed point.

However, from the Christian point of view the explanation may be what is called sin that entered the cosmos because of a separation between YHWH and Adam. In other words, divine information was unified through the spiritual bond between YHVH and Yeshua, the second Adam from which the first adam came from [NOT (G)AUNINE, (A)DENINE, (C)YTOSINE, (T)HYMINE]. NOT THE G-ACT OF SATAN, WHICH IS WHAT EVOLUTION TEACHES, RATHER YHWH. WE ARE NOT JUST CHEMICALS. WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS MADE IN YHWH’S IMAGE. WE ARE HIS GOD-BREATHED WORDS (Gen 1:26). This can be thought of as a breaking or fracturing of the spiritual bond between YHWH and His creation through the sin of Adam. That sin was the breaking of the commandment of God. The biblical metaphor for law and order in everything is God’s commandment to Adam. The biblical metaphor for breaking away and fracturing between God and His creation is the sin of Adam.

The universe certainly does reflect this spiritual bond breaking. About 95 percent of the universe is darkened with nothingness ( See the following link for the definition to the Hebrew word “beliymah” ( The scientific community calls this dark matter. Its observable effects on visible matter is called dark energy ( See the following link to the definition of the Hebrew word “badal” ( From the Christian stand point this surely can be taken to mean that the manifestation of the glory of YHVH has departed from the about 95 percent of our universe, WHERE HIS DIVINE ENERGY (SO CALLED DARK ENERGY) IS EXERTING ITS INFLUENCE ON THE ABOUT 5 PERCENT OF OUR UNIVERSE FROM THE NOTHINGNESS OF SPACE (SO CALLED DARK MATTER). This is the simile between the secular and the Christian explanation for broken symmetry in the universe and the sin of Adam against God. The theory of everything is the secularist attempt to bridge all the laws of the universe to restore order.

Yeshua is the bridge

Yeshua is the bridge between the Lord God YHWH and all His creation. Yeshua is the bridge between death and life. He died and resurrected. Yeshua’s body could do this simply because His body is the divine blueprint that always contains incorruptible genetic code. Because YHVH is all-knowing, He never forgets. If He never forgets, He has all divine information saved and readily restorable through YHVH’S DIVINE SPIRIT COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY LINKED WIRELESSLY TO YESHUA. Take any person as an example. If all that person’s genetic information could be downloaded before the death of their body to an information storage device that would preserve all their genetic code, memories and personality, the question immediately should arise as to whether that person (spiritual being) really did die when their body died. If that person didn’t really die, then it stands to reason that the CREATOR could allow the temporary termination of all the biological processes that enable the transmission and preservation of divine genetic code as well as allow the restoration of those biological processes. In other words, YHVH has control over every cell in His temple of flesh ( According to John chapter 10 verse 18, the closest we can get to YHVH’s definition of reality is HIDDEN IN YESHUA.

Hidden In Yeshua

He is the bridge between life and death. Yeshua is the bridge between YHVH’s reality and the human reality ( Life and death is defined by YHVH as an experience that submits and subjects itself to YHWH’s sovereign reality. There is no life and there is no death without the CREATOR. The CREATOR is so outside creation as to not be inside creation. Yet, the CREATOR came into creation by the incarnation of His Divine Word. His Word is so different from our limited understanding of expression of information. The CREATOR’s WORD became the genetic material expression of the reality of YHVH’s being. Humans cannot imagine the creation of a human body of flesh for a being that was never born, whose personality with memories and genetic code was never stored on any storage device. The only suitable explanation for the Divine Word incarnation seems to be divine engineering dealing with information compression and physical spacial compression in order to contain Himself in His creation, though, at the same time is outside of all creation. He is the second Adam from which the first Adam came from. The first Adam was actually the second Adam that owed his design from the Word in place of the human soul incarnation of Yeshua. This seems to be indicating divine engineering because YHVH’s Divine Word Being, an incorruptible information expression of Himself, was before all creation, including the first Adam. Can this mean the virgin birth demanded His subjection to time in reverse order as if time came before Him, though in actuality, it came after Him ( HIS MEMORY OF satan FALLING LIKE LIGHTNING PROVES HIS TIMELESS-BEING PART-OF-HIM WAS PERFECTLY JOINED WITH HIS TIME SUBJECTED HUMAN BODY AS THOUGH HE BECAME THE BRIDGE BETWEEN PAST, PRESENT, AND FUTURE (DIVINE TIME LINE). This seems to explain the death and resurrection of Yeshua as manipulation of the divine genetic code of the blueprint body of Yeshua. The goal here is not intellectualism, but is the salvation of the souls of intellectuals. Believe in Yeshua with all your heart and confess Him with your mouth. See the corresponding scriptures below.

Creation is Divine Information 

Creation is everywhere where there is a manifestation of it. If there was a scientific law that could sum up the manifestation of matter in the universe, in my opinion, it would be the law of relativity, the scientific law that describes how mass and matter are converted to energy and vice versa through the constant and/or variable of the speed of light. But what about from the Christian point of view? From the Christian point of view it would be THE WORD BECAME FLESH. What does this mean? This means that all energy, mass, matter, constant and/or variable speed of light holds together in Yeshua ( See also the following link ( The secular attempt to understand what is everything is a sort of quest for EXOTIC MATTER. The Christian attempt to explain this is JESUS, THE WORD OF GOD BECOMING FLESH. This forces us to the question of what is the meaning of life?

It is a sum of all the laws, both cosmic and quantum, that our universe obeys, together with the order and organization of all the matter forming molecular bonds called chemistry, AND TO LIFE ITSELF. This brings us closer to the answer of what is the meaning of life. For the Christian, Yeshua is the meaning of life. While for the secularist, including lucifer turned satan, IT IS THE CORRUPTION OF INFORMATION (Job 4:18; 1 Cor 6:3; Jude 1:6; Rev 19:20; 20:10).

However, his mind is confined to YHWH’s eternal judgement, the fiery prison for his mind. The world of pain and hurt for his spirit and mind will be the lake of fire and brimstone. He thought to deceive the human race but his mind is finite and subjected to the sovereign reality of YHWH. On the other hand, humans who have the mind of Yeshua Messiah are not part of his false reality.

The temptation of Eve and Adam by, lucifer turned satan, was to eat the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. What can be learned from that temptation and its subsequent suffering can be summed up in a saying I have called LIVE TO LEARN AND LEARN TO LIVE. Lucifer is on the side of this coined phrase that says LIVE TO LEARN ( YHWH is on the side of that coined phrase that says LEARN TO LIVE ( Reading from left to right of that coined phrase lucifer is on the left while YHWH is on the right. There is a simile between this knowledge of good and evil and the organization of all the information in the universe.

Adam  and Yeshua

This is the Lord YHWY’s divine project. Adam was the 2nd design made from the divine pattern or BLUEPRINT NAMED YESHUA. This, if accurate, is the Christian’s fundamental belief. But what does this mean? This means that DNA is the most fundamental expression and transmission of divine information. This is what the project was all about. It was about making information into the image of the Lord God YHWH. It was about making abstract information into concrete information. We are all impersonal information transformed into personal information. Can this give us a foundation for building a framework of reasoning for our SUFFERING? In my opinion, yes it has the potential to help bring about an inadequate but fundamental explanation for HUMAN SUFFERING. Human suffering is the emotional expression of impersonal abstract information made concrete and personal. This, it seems, is as far as the human intellect can go. THE HUMAN INTELLECT THAT DEALS WITH REASONING IS CONNECTED TO HUMAN EMOTION. IT ASKS WHY WHILE THE TOTALITY OF OUR HUMAN EXISTENCE, WHICH MAY BE SUMMED UP AS INFORMATION, IS SCREAMING OUT REALITY. This seems like a paradox but it isn’t. WE ARE BRIDGING REALITY WITH THE QUESTION WHY. This is why, in my opinion, all religions MAY BE LACKING in providing an adequately inadequate explanation for humanities’ greatest challenging question, why the suffering. If this extremely humbling religious foundation truth can become a platform for building a framework of better understanding between all religions, it is my hope it is welcomed and weaved into the fabric of society.

Humanity seems to be on a quest for the answer to the question WHY THE SUFFERING. We are seeking a bridge to connect and make whole what seems to be divided in our very being, our very existence. There is a spiritual dichotomy. THE HUMAN EMOTIONAL MIND ASKS WHY WHILE OUR HUMAN DNA INFORMATION IS SCREAMING OUT REALITY. This seems like a paradox but it isn’t. WE ARE BRIDGING REALITY WITH THE QUESTION WHY. WE NEED THE MIND OF YESHUA TO BRIDGE THE HUMAN REALITY WITH YHWH’s SOVEREIGN REALITY. The only words in the human vocabulary that can come a tiny bit close to describing this can be summed up as GENESIS-HUMANITY-REVELATION. This is a GLORIOUS MYSTERY. The word soul is humanities’ best attempt to explain the bridge between divine sovereign reality and the human emotional expression of reality. The mind of YHWH is glorious? WHAT IS THE MIND OF YHWH?

As for human suffering, it is like a war between evil and good. We were not trained to wage and fight this cosmic war between good and evil (Gen ch 2;3). However, when the word-soul became flesh, a DOUBLE-EDEGED SWORD (Heb 4:12) was put into the hand of humanity. A weak and secular example of this is when the character Balian (, in the movie Kingdom of Heaven, put a sword into the young man’s hand and made him a knight after slapping his face so he wouldn’t forget his oath as knight, a defender of Jerusalem. This was done in the heat of the battle, a war raging all around him. This young man wasn’t even a trained soldier. Humanity is like this young helpless man. We got the humanity knocked out of us in the Garden of Eden. But the two cherubim with the flaming swords were fiercely defending the incorruptible tree of humanity. That incorruptible tree of humanity later became YESHUA nailed to the rugged cross of Calvary. Yeshua handed humanity this DOUBLE-EDGED SWORD on the DAY HE RESURRECTED. He still allows humanity to get smacked in the face (2 Cor 4:9;12:7) figuratively (humanity still suffers) by evil so we don’t forget that Yeshua made us His sons and daughters (Rom 8:17), heirs and joint heirs (better than knights) with Him. The apostle Paul suffered greatly physically and spiritually. He was physically and spiritually beaten. However, even in the face of suffering, YESHUA IS HUMANITIES’ HOPE OF GLORY (Col 1:27)! To YHWH be all the glory!

Yeshua said we would face tribulation in this world, but to be encouraged because He overcame the world (John 16:33).’ Just like Balian in the movie Kingdom of Heaven forced the enemy to offer terms for the safety of the people in Jerusalem, so it is somewhat similar with Yeshua and the dragon and the dragon’s principalities. Yeshua is humanities’ knight in shining armour! His first coming to this world marked the shame, defeat and triumph over the principalities (rulers of darkness) on the cross of Calvary. Yeshua’s second coming on His white horse is the coming to utterly crush His enemies, hack the ancient monster Rahab in pieces and pierce the dragon with His double-edged sword of truth (Rev 19:11)! That is why He is called Faithful and True. Yeshua gave His church authority to verbally bind (not permit the fallen one and his fallen ones to operate effectively to deceive the world) the adversary and his kingdom of darkness (Mat 18:18). In short, good triumphs in the end over evil! This is because Yeshua uses His technology to fight against all those that oppose Him (Revelation 19:15). If there is technology to fight against the demons and the fallen angels, it may be found in the bible. The technology has something to do with these Greek words below that are found in Revelation chapter 20 verses 2 and 3. We need black hole and event horizon technology to create a space-time-gravity-energy trap to fight against their spirit technology (smart space technology). An instance of smart space technology is the use of void and empty space (physics of devine forces and laws without physical matter), where information can be stored and be made to respond with voice command (Genesis 1:3). If DNA can be stored in storage devices, the spirit of the DNA would be the space it occupies, an eternal intelligent space (spirit technology). See the links below.


But the intention of this post is not to stretch the human mind to its breaking point. This has real life implications, not imaginary but real. The anti christ would attempt to proclaim his self as that bridge but that bridge is JESUS. A monetary based economy cannot bridge this gap. The reason for this is because it forces humanity to look for value in everything that is material which blinds us of our role and place in eternity. This also prevents humanity from seeking to have the ETERNAL MIND OF GOD. It ultimately pulls the curtain of materialism over our eyes so that we cannot have the ETERNAL MIND OF JESUS CHRIST. One example of Jesus’ world economic system is based on the principal of giving freely. YHWH gave us this planet and its biosphere and taught Adam agriculture. Instead of society going completely cashless and adopting as a model the global economy of the anti christ, which is based on his mark, a free resource based economy with resource distribution proportionate to an individual with progress tracking and tithing may be an example of YHWH’s global economy. In other words, you freely receive resources to freely give resources. A proper education based on YHWH’s economy principal of sowing and reaping (on good kingdom soil like Christian TV, international Christian lawyers, and charity organizations for the brethren of Yeshua)  may have the potential to bridge humanity from genesis to revelation and keep the feet of the body of Christ on the adversary’s head. Revelation of who? It is the revelation of YESHUA. THE BOOK OF REVELATION IS THE REVELATION OF YESHUA. This is humanities’ greatest moment of truth. We are walking an extremely very fine line. We are faced with this decision. You are either on the side of YHWH and Yeshua, or on the side of the fallen one, the losing side. See below.


September 1, 2015

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I watched a few documentaries recently. Among some of those are The Inexplicable Universe, and Super Massive Black Holes. The last two explain what would happen to our sun if the Milky Way galaxy collided with the Andromeda galaxy. They both show what that would look like. The book of revelation seems to be describing the same event when it talks about the morning star called lucifer being locked up by the angel with the key to the bottomless pit and the chain. Does the bible draw a parallel between the angels and the stars? The bible seems to draw a parallel between the black hole and the bottomless pit in the book of Revelation. Could it be that what is being described about the future collision between our Milky Way Galaxy and the Andromeda galaxy in our universe in this modern era was described in parable form about two thousand years ago through the liturgic vehicle of Hebraic parallelism? If so, the question begs to be asked just how could those ancient people have known that? But don’t ground your faith in any thing else other than Yeshua. Be encouraged and strengthened in your faith in Yeshua. See the below scriptures that may coincide with these questions above.