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Pattern of Our Universe

August 23, 2015



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Is There a Divine Pattern?

What is the shape of our universe? Why do many celestial bodies in space seem to favor spherical geometry? In order to make this determination, one would need to find the pattern of all the celestial bodies moving through space. A LOCI PATTERN should emerge where each solar system curves by virtue of its orbit around another. There are three heavens, each one higher than the other. Do colliding spiral galaxies become one bigger spiral galaxy? How they collide can tell us something about the divine pattern. God stretches out the heaven like a canopy or tent. Is there an ellipse or parabola or hyperbola or catenary curve or arc that will unlock the geometry of our universe? Do black holes provide proof of  a time paradox?

The shape of the universe may depend on the existence of heaven (the highest heaven). Could the need for the highest heavenly space be created? For instance, even though the shape of the fabric of space remains invisible, the quantum mechanics of light waves animate the invisible fabric of space. If quantum physics cannot exist without the physics of motion, it follows that the physics of motion cannot exist without the forces that give an action and reaction to each other. Astrophysics cannot exist without cosmology. So, cosmology cannot exist without dimensions. Dimensions cannot exist without space and space cannot exist without dimensions. The need for the highest heaven is based on this circular reasoning.

Could the cosmos, given the geometrical properties of all the galaxy clusters in the universe, be YHWH’s brain child universe? The answer is yes, according to scientists that hold to the special creation of our universe. The foundation for this view of the creation of the cosmos is provided in the account of creation in the book of Genesis. In the account of the first chapter of Genesis, the order of creation is established. The first event describes a formless cosmos and its emptiness. In that first event, there was darkness on the face of the deep. The very first dimension in the cosmos described in Genesis chapter one is DEPTH. This leads to the question, what is the shape of space? The shape of space, according to the bible is determined by GRAVITY.

The shape of the cosmos is still unknown. However, ongoing observation of the elliptic orbit and the tilt of the axes of all celestial bodies may provide clues to the shape of, about 5 percent of the observable universe. Perhaps one clue to the shape of the observable part of our universe can be found in the tilt and orbit of each planet, providing the appearance of a curving cylindrical ring after a planet’s complete revolution around our sun. As the planets make revolutions around their sun, the observation of their curving cylindrical revolutions has been determined. It has been observed that within each galaxy in our universe there are solar systems making revolutions around other solar systems called binary and ternary star systems. If each solar system orbits around the other, the pattern of cylindrical scroll shaped links should emerge. This scroll shape is forming by the orbiting motion (2D inward spiraling shape of a rolled up scroll) of all the planets moving together with the sun at the center. The solar system is HELIOCENTRIC (Psalms 19:6) and the planets are revolving around it, giving it the appearance of an invisible cylindrical energy motion somewhat similar to the wave-tube surfers surf in and through.

Do solar systems as well as spiral galaxies follow a spiraling pattern? If there are two arms in our spiral galaxy, say, an inner arm and outer arm in the Milky Way galaxy, there are two spiraling patterns, each interacting with the other at the center (Psalms 19:6). For instance, the outer arm of a spiral galaxy would be where the hypothetical quadrilateral shape would follow the hypothetical ratio of the square root of 5 plus 1 over or divided by 2 that results in the phi number sequence of 1.6180339887 to 1e18 km (approximated distance of the Milky Way galaxy across). Starting from the bottom, the outer arm of the Milky Way galaxy would spiral inward towards the center, moving from the left to the right. The inner arm would be where the hypothetical ratio of about 1e18 km to phi and would spiral inward, top to bottom. Depending on geometric orientation, the inner and outer spiral arms can seem to be moving from right to left or left to right as if the geometric reflection was unfolding past, present and future. It might seem to appear like there was a higher dimensional mirror causing this scientific phenomena. Also, to envision this, one can reference the shape of the nautilus shell.

If our universe has part of an equidistant shape, then it stands to reason that the hypothetical cylindrical tunnel shaped line (a trail of invisible energy like a long exposure picture taken of a galaxy over billions of light years) may form some kind of a curve or arc which may be similar to our universe’s curve and/or arc. There may be a pattern of curves leading to a point on our universe’s surface, where another hypothetical cylindrical shaped line can be observed leading back to the surface and/or center (which may be one half the radius) of YHVH’s brain-child-creation and infinitely sided polygon shaped (with equidistance and congruence properties) universe. For instance, if the universe has an infinitely sided polygon shape with equidistance and congruence properties, it should have BLACK HOLES and/or a CORIOLIS FORCE EFFECT. Wherever there are spiral galaxies with the BLUE SHIFTING DOPPLER EFFECT, there is where the CORIOLIS FORCE EFFECT is. That is where the universe is throwing a curve ball and revealing its shape. If this is so, could the reasoning for this be because of the hypothetical need for a higher dimensional (infinitely sided polygon with equidistance  and congruence properties) cosmos? For instance, the fabric of space was shaped by the gravity of YHWH’s spiritual mass when He warped it by moving on its face or surface. This is somewhat similar to accretion disks bunched closely together with two different geometric orientations stretching the fabric of space-time using geometric transformation (Isaiah 40:22). I postulate this because all galaxies are recessing outward and away from each other, which is measured by a cosmological constant energy expansion. This is known by the red shift of light discernible by the Doppler Effect. This is why I postulate that YHWH’s brain-child universe may have a certain shape. I base this reasoning on the ability to test the shape of the universe. One way to test what I’m postulating would be to test the equidistant geometric property of a hypothetical equidistant shaped universe.

The implication for the outcome that such an experiment will have on humanity would be to serve as a great help to finally be able to determine just what is ABSOLUTE NORTH, ABSOLUTE SOUTH, ABSOLUTE EAST, AND ABSOLUTE WEST, giving us a hypothetical cosmic compass. For instance, gravity always exerts force in one direction. This seems to be an indication of depth within the fabric of space-time. If it can be proven that all black holes were formed at the same time, that would serve as an example of a hypothetical cosmic compass that always points to depth, which is somewhat similar to a navigational compass that always points to one direction. Once humanity is equipped with such a cosmic compass, humanity can also go about calculating the degree of the shadow of the darkness of space named, THE DARK MATTER.

One experiment that may be done to find out the hypothetical equidistant shape of our universe is to find a way to measure the segment distance from our planetary spherical point to the center of our universe and measure the distance from the center of our hypothetical equidistant universe to its opposite surface edge of space. Using adding and/or subtracting geometry segment theorems will serve to check the congruence of those segments. For instance, subtracting the segment from our planet to the center of the universe from the length of the other segment originating from one surface of the universe and ending at the opposite surface of our hypothetical equidistant shaped universe, should give us a length difference, that, when added to the length of the segment originating from our planetary point to the center of the universe, should equal the distance of any surface edge segment and it’s opposite surface edge in an equidistant shaped universe. This could be accurate only if the segments are truly congruent. Moreover, the congruence of the segments can prove the hypothetical equidistant relationship those segments share. 

For now, we know the estimated age of our universe in light years which is about 12 billion to 14 billion light years. One way to test the light year measurement accuracy may be to send light out from our planet through the universe and return it to the original source of the light emission on our planet. If one light year is equal to the total number of kilometers light travels per Earth second, then, hypothetically, all one need to do is make calculations to get the answer for the total number of light years of the universe. There may be a set back to this approach. For instance, if the light second is based on the constant speed of light in kilometers per Earth second, this might create a time paradox. This is because the Earth second is not based on the atomic clock of the hydrogen atom, supposedly, the most abundant element in the cosmos (1 Cor 15:41). Hydrogen atoms may be like LOCI POINTS. That may help to illustrate equidistance of radii for a universe with space-time congruence. Rather, the Earth second is based on the atomic clock of quartz, it seems. This element could never be used to test equidistance because it doesn’t account for the most abundant element in the universe. Still, it will certainly be helpful to do this once distance in all directions can be calculated. If these light year measurements are found to be consistent, meaning they were taken from all the most powerful telescopes around the world, that might serve to help humanity determine just how near Earth is to the center or joined foci points at center of the universe. It is important to know this because this might help to determine space-time congruence.

If there is such a thing as space-time congruence, that may help to determine if a time paradox could theoretically be proven to be a possibility. This is why I state there is no reason to doubt the 6 days of creation from the bible narrative in the first chapter of Genesis. The reason for this is because very little can be scientifically known regarding YHWH’s light. His light started on the first day of creation. Whereas, the stellar light started on the fourth day of creation. YHVH’s light rested on the beginning of the seventh day which was the end of the sixth day while the stellar light He created keeps aging in light years. YHVH’s light does not age the same way as stellar light. A day with Him is as a thousand years and vice versa (100,000% increase or decrease in time). His light can be much younger than the stellar light in the universe because He could have used His limitless supply of gravity to pull one end of the fabric of space-time into the other fabric of space-time. There exists the possibility this was done in order to move very great distances throughout space as well as to separate darkness from light or DARK TIME FROM LIGHT TIME. EINSTEIN’S GENERAL RELATIVITY THEORY PROVED THAT GRAVITY DOES SLOW DOWN TIME. Moreover, if the presence of blue shifting of light, caused by the Doppler Effect, was observed in our galaxy and our closest neighbor galaxy, that would help to determine that there are some galaxies moving closer toward each other while other galaxies are moving farther away from each other. This serves as an example of a space-time paradox. If the universe is not congruent, why does E=MC^2?

Could this be proven using Einstein’s twin paradox from the special theory of relativity? For instance, the first Adam (created by YHWH) is from the earth (below) and the second Adam (YHWH in the flesh) is from Heaven (outer space or above). The first coming of Jesus to this world through the virgin birth and the taking out of this world by Jesus all the elect of YHWH, first those who died, then those alive (from the first Adam created by YHVH up until all those elect living at the time of the catching away), can be used as an example of the twin paradox. This is imaginable because we all receive our glorified bodies at about the same time. However, Jesus transfigured Himself at the mountain of transfiguration to prove Jesus’ glorified body preceded all, from the first Adam (created by YHWH) to all of the first Adam’s descendants. What remains to be seen is the math to describe YHVH’s time paradox. It is imaginable that YHVH has an unlimited source of gravity, and could have used it to warp the fabric of space-time to move extremely great distances in a measurable amount of time (creation days) throughout the universe. For instance, wherever there is gravity holding a celestial body in place, that was the mark (measurement of distance traveled in dark time) of the distribution of gravity energy that He left on the fabric of space-time. If it can be proven that most black holes are located at the center of each galaxy, that would be where YHVH traveled to. The detection of gravitational waves of energy should help to determine this.

JESUS is the light of the world as well as the light that took the universe from darkness to light (John 1:5). Science will never find the medium for light. Jesus is the medium for the light of YHVH (Job 38:19; Psalm 18:10). Furthermore, the unknown spheroidal surface area of the cosmos serves as another instance for the need for intelligent design because it allows the shape of the universe to be measured using spheroidal surface area arcs. It also allows calculation of the curve of the arc and distance squared on a spheroidal surface to be done simultaneously. It also provides a new mathematical concept for time called spheroidal-surface-area-arc-time. The equidistant distances between arcs squared measured may provide a standard unit of time. The following example provided is aleph-tov/360°(4πr^2)= spheroidal surface area arc length squared. The segment (or base of it is a 3d dome) joining the arcs should create the shape of a two dimensional dome. This serves as an illustration for curved time and or linear time that when joined creates a hypothetical time paradox. See below.

The creation of the human eye (isometry) can be used as an example of special creation. All one need to do is look at the entire design of the human eye, in particular the shape of its lenses, as well as the angle of the rays of light passing through lens to the retina. A black hole uses gravitational lensing to curve light and separate light from darkness. This may be one of the ways YHVH separated light from darkness (Genesis 1:4). Another way that may be considered as proof that YHVH separated light from darkness is the cosmological constant expansion of the universe. All energy is subject to YHVH.  Therefore, God has His own divine laws that can bridge the higher dimension of heaven to outer space to the quantum realm DP=DEΛ/T where DP stands for dark power; DE stands for dark energy; Lamda or Λ stands for cosmological constant displacement; T stands for arc time. The radian is another instance of YHVH’s powerful arm and wondrous work. It can be calculated using s=Θ·r where s=arc, r =radian (π/180°)(Job 26:10). To calculate the radian the following examples are provided [30°/180°(π)].5= 0.2617993877991494 radians or [7°/180°(π)].5=0.061086523819801536 radians.See below.

If   the  universe  was  12  to  14  billion   light   years   old,  that  could be represented  as 5 percent (2.8e11 light years total)   of   the   visible  part  of the  universe.   That   could   be   one  light  surface  area  arc  of  the   total   arcs  that  should  sum  up to 360   degrees.   It    should    follow   that   5   percent   of    360   degrees    is    18    degrees.     The     length   of    that    arc   is 18º/360º(4πr^2) = 2.19911e10.   The     diameter     is     1.4e11    light years across. The   radius   is    374,165.7386773941  light  years  squared.  Going  by  YHVH’s time  paradox where  one day is  as  one  thousand  years and  a  thousand   years   is   like   a  day,    the  radius   would   be   136,664,036,051.9182    light years squared.  This  would  change  the measurement of   time.    The    answer    is     87,964,594,300.51421  arcs^2.    342     degrees    would    correspond     to     the    other     two   dark    surface     area    arcs.  The    remaining   342   degrees surface area arc needs to be divided  into  two  equal  parts   of  171  degrees  each   to   accurately   describe    an    expanding  universe  with  light emanating  from  its  center  and  filling  the  darkness  of   space.  Hence,   this   creates  the  need  for  two  surface area arcs, one on the top  and  one  on  the  bottom  of a  spheroidal   shaped   universe.  Again,   the  same steps   are taken. 171°/360°(4πr^2)=126,350,000,000π.    The   answer    is  396,940,231,781.0704 arcs^2.   The   total   spheroidal  surface  area   squared  is   3,518,583,772,020.568  arcs^2    (light    and  dark  years in arcs squared).

This challenges evolution.  I say this because it seems easier to believe in a creator than to believe in evolution. For instance, how can evolutionists explain a universe that is very slowly starting to wake up and become aware of itself, that is, if humans are really just a collection of atoms looking into outer space (the universe observing itself). To make matters even more complicated, the collections of atoms evolutionists call humans sent Voyager One to look for signs of intelligent life (the universe eventually awake, aware, and searching for itself as if it has lost itself). 


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