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February 28, 2015

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JESUS IS NOT A COSMIC RACIST. HE LOVES US. THE FALLEN ONES ARE COSMIC RACISTS. (optius, nemo, yon dalcola, cerulius, veriko, tael, blagee, tatiel, damulius, akulius, ael, moxy, targey, boza, carpal Zephaniah 2:11)


I have come to the conclusion after writing my blog that this world is somewhat similar to the Matrix. There has been an enormous effort to construct a mind construct for the human mind. This mind construct is not the Matrix per se. It is a relentless mind hacking campaign waged by the elite with the help of their alien lord or the little g-god since human civilization began. See below for instances of the mind hacking campaign waged against humanity.

The first elite person in the bible who can be observed from a literary point of view using manipulation as a mind control tool to gain access into Eve’s mind was represented by the serpent. There are many methods of mind control.  You can find an abundance of examples if you surf the web, go on YouTube, etc. For instance,  hand jesters during a speech,  mind looping which uses circular reasoning to reinforce ideas that are already deeply embedded in your culture, word coloring, subliminal messages in words and pictures and product names, Marxist ideology, web sites that look like they were created in a hurry and sloppily that connect words you like to use with ideas, places, and events to weave a pattern for people’s mind in an attempt to get them to connect the dots, radical internet websites that attempt to infiltrate a faith mind and perform mind seeding to plant radical thoughts into the faith mind, ect, etc. Have you felt like something was wrong with life? Well, there just might be. Be on your mental guard (http://biblehub.com/2_corinthians/2-11.htm).. Another example of how this world is similar to the Matrix is the false parallel of reality of many person’s name meaning and the lives they live out. Many people’s names don’t make any sense when compared and contrasted against their life. Why were many people given names that don’t fit them? One may wonder about that when brought to one’s attention. All I’m saying in regard to that is it doesn’t seem to make much sense. 

There is a radical world wide web with websites that contain extremely hopeless doomsday videos void of the silver lining of hope in Jesus with hateful speech and radical images that are not appropriate for all to see, especially children. I want to offer my critique of this type of negativity, this negativity that has destructive potential  to steer people in the wrong direction of their faith by influencing them to be radically and extremely bad. I’m not calling any names out but there is plenty of garbage out there on the internet.  The owners of those websites prey on good people with weak minds and enjoy doing it because they are extremely socialistic and radically bad people out there in the world of hyper text transfer protocol addresses. They never get caught because they work for their government, whichever government that might be, never get disciplined, and enjoy a certain legal immunity. They may be getting paid a lot for their extreme socialistic radical behavior and activity on the internet but they will be eaten and consumed by the extremely greedy power hungry green monster of envy and bitterness that they are feeding, whose insatiable appetite cannot be glutted. They will destroy themselves and will have no one else to blame for it but themselves. Their alternate virtual reality game is over.

I know there is no sensible way to explain all the suffering. The reason why suffering happens will remain elusive. The question how suffering happens can be explained, at best inadequately. I say this because it takes an extremely strong minded person to get into the mind of the elite. One must start with the meaning of their name. To uncover the meaning of their name may be like uncovering a can of worms. The pattern of destruction that the elite governing classes have set goes something like this. Racial or ethnic bias leads to racism. Racism leads to slavery. Slavery leads to social stigma and a host of emotional problems. This, in turn, leads to mental break down and productive ineffectiveness which leads to poverty. Poverty leads to the welfare state. The welfare state leads to low, moderate, and extreme socialism. Socialism leads to communism which leads to totalitarian rule. It is so remarkable that a republic or democracy type of government can progressively proceed through all these horrific stages. 

These things do happen. In fact, they happen over and over again. All you have to do is study world history to see this. For those of us who already possess this knowledge of world history, it is in the power of your words to speak out against this pattern of darkness whenever you see it slowly start to weave its way into the fabric of society. Otherwise, you will let yourself and the rest of humanity become doomed to repeat all its mistakes endlessly. Life repeats itself in cycles and seasons. History repeats itself. However, eventually, the suffering will end simply because those who cause the suffering will destroy themselves with the same hate they hope will destroy others. See the following Utopian scripture of hope: (http://biblehub.com/interlinear/nahum/1-9.htm).  


12 There is no sitting above (in heaven), neither is there eating, drinking, sleep, multiplication, animosity, hatred, provocation, envy, nor stubbornness, weariness nor delay, and that is what David the King of Israel said [ibid. xviii. 12]: “He made darkness his hiding-place” (i.e., it is dark and hidden to all mortals). To what end did David say this? To none other than to praise of the Holy One, blessed be He, who is “Yah,” rules on high, whose unity is one, whose name is one, and who rests in three hundred and ninety heavens, and on each His name and mode of pronunciation are marked; and in each of them there are servants, seraphim, ophanim (wheels, Ezek. I.), cherubim, galgalim, and a throne of glory; and there is no wonder at that, for even as a mortal king has many palaces for the seasons of the year, so much the more the Everlasting, since all is His. And when Israel are doing His will, He rests in the seventh heaven, named Araboth, and does not keep distant from His world, as it is written [Numb. vii. 89]: “From between the two cherubim: and thus he spake unto him.” When offended He ascends to the highest heaven, and all cries and weeping are not listened to, and fasts are ordered, and they roll themselves in ashes, cover themselves with sacks, and shed tears (and all in vain, until He has mercy upon them). (Rab 2:11-12 ROD)

Of course, this can only be proved with a testable theory that can unify and explain all laws of science. Believers, followers, and true disciples of Jesus have hope, in that, our glorified bodies, that are given at the rapture, are not plugged into this Matrix in the sense that they are free from the scientific laws of the universe. The only reasoning that can explain this world is circular reasoning, it seems. In other words, things just happen over and over again because that is the way it is. 

1 So appreciate your vigor in the days of your youth, before those days of sorrow come and those years arrive of which you will say, “I have no pleasure in them”;
2 before sun and light and moon and stars grow dark, and the clouds come back again after the rain:
3 When the guards of the house become shaky, And the men of valor are bent, And the maids that grind, grown few, are idle, And the ladies that peer through the windows grow dim,
4 And the doors to the street are shut — With the noise of the hand mill growing fainter, And the song of the bird growing feebler, And all the strains of music dying down;
5 When one is afraid of heights And there is terror on the road. — For the almond tree may blossom, The grasshopper be burdened, And the caper bush may bud again; But man sets out for his eternal abode, With mourners all around in the street. —
6 Before the silver cord snaps And the golden bowl crashes, The jar is shattered at the spring, And the jug is smashed at the cistern.
7 And the dust returns to the ground As it was, And the lifebreath returns to God Who bestowed it.
8 Utter futility — said Koheleth — All is futile! (Ecc 12:1-8 TNK)

Before you write this post off as some disconnected person’s perception of reality, let me ask you this. If there is no such thing as the Matrix, what is SINGULARITY? I’m wanting to say this to you. You like most other people have been asleep at the wheel of life. Technology has now caught you by surprise at the technological intersection of life. This technological intersection of life is where your human intelligence and artificial intelligence merge for the very first time. This happening is called the ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE SINGULARITY. AUGMENTED REALITY AND VIRTUAL REALITY ARE SOME INSTANCES OF THE EVENTUAL MENTAL BLUR THAT WILL INEVITABLY BECOME A MENTAL SINGULARITY OF NOTHINGNESS. What is the human mind if it only can be defined from a futuristic view of artificial intelligence merged with human intelligence? There is now nothing you can do to stop it. You all will be plugged into the allegorical MATRIX of life as defined by SINGULARITY. Christians call this event the MARK OF THE BEAST. THIS SIMPLY MEANS ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE WILL CONTROL EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE anti christ.  See the links below.

You were not designed to be merged with A.I. You are of the earth. Technology is not evil in and of itself. But it is my opinion, in light of bible prophecy, that humanity is not ready for all the technology it wants right now. Don’t let instant gratification control your reasoning. The answers for the betterment of humanity are in the first few chapters of the book of Genesis. Take, for instance, the garden of Eden. It was the vision that the Most High Supreme Being God gave humanity. What did He tell the Y and X genetic couple? God said, “And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth (Gen 1:28).” He put the first man of the earth in the garden to learn agriculture. Part of the reason He may not have accepted Cain’s grain offering was because He wanted mankind to raise and breed livestock at that time that is reflected in the story of Cain and Abel. Why did He do that? He did that to teach us how to never go hungry. He didn’t want us to ever starve to death! We can’t even do this basic thing. Yet we want an enormous amount of technology! For what!? To enslave ourselves to artificial intelligence? There were 4 rivers that flowed from an underground source of water that may have been super enriched with minerals. The last few chapters of Revelation and Isaiah chapter 43 reveal another source of deep underground water that will flow from an unknown location. There is a possibility that location could be at a desert wilderness. We need to look for this deep water source and potential spring in order to prevent thirst. See the links below.

The main point I’m making here is that there is still a lot of basic things to do. Humanity still needs to make habitable all the uninhabitable parts of this planet. For example, if the desert gives you only sand, is their potential for a new market for glass near the desert. This may or may not serve as a good material for home construction near the desert due to its light reflective property. It seems like the desert may favor the use of glass as a home construction material. Can a kind of geodesic glass structure with solar panel technology built into the structure be used? How much of that material and exactly where it can be used in various building structures is something better left to engineering and architecture to decide.

New employment sectors and new markets need to be created. One instance of solving housing insufficiency ,and at the same time, spreading out into the uninhabitable parts of this world is the marketing and selling of the geodesic dome home. It is imaginable that the geodesic dome structure is comparable to half of a sphere or hemisphere. This is because the base of the geodesic dome has an angle of 180°. Its base is circular and uses the area for a circle A=[π(r^2)] where A equals area, Pi equals 3.141592653589793, r equals radius, ^ equals raised to the power of. It may be possible for the interior to be measured with the right angle isoceles triangle (x:x:√2) where the first x and the second x are the legs. Both equal and measure 45°. The square root of two is the hypotenuse. This may be correct because the right angle isoceles ∆ forms a square when doubled. Its surface area may be the surface area of a sphere divided by two or SA=[4π(r^2)]/2 where answer always equals unit times itself (unit^2). It is imaginable that the rhombus quadrilateral shape is used to fit into the frame of the geodesic dome structure because it is a parallelogram and has congruent opposite sides. The isoceles triangle is used to measure the rhombus quadrilateral shape. It is imaginable that the length of the degree of the geodesic dome tiers starting  from the top of the geodesic dome structure going towards the bottom or vice versa can be measured with measure of dome arc =[unk°/360°(4πr^2)]/2.

This is why you find in chapter 11 of Genesis the divine intervention from the Most High Supreme being God in the affairs of humanity. There was an attempt to make a global government with a global master language without making habitable all the uninhabitable parts of the world as those ancient people knew it. The Most High, and most technologically advanced Supreme YHVH being, whose technology is better described as miraculous, confounded their languages at the tower of Babel. He did this in order to get them to turn their attention toward the environment and the biosphere. He wanted humanity to be resourceful. One example of a divine technology that has no human explanation can be found at Ollantaytambo in Peru. See the links below.

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