Found Love Message in a Bottle

September 7, 2014

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In the heart of the sea.

Herein lies your love for me.

Without measure is its depth.

He is the one and only.

The personification of faithfulness and honesty is in Him.

The word-soul of love I yearn.

Except the Savior, no one else was sent out to seek me.

My first love’s name is deeper than any ocean.

Charity is the wind that filled His sail.

Stern waves of adversity were against Him.

And at Him they did assail.

His anchor of hope kept me afloat.

Deep calls to deep and asks.

Do you know the dimensions of my affections?

The currents of time kept my message adrift.

It took some time before we would meet.

The lost message of love in me you did keep.

Lift me up out of deep waters.

Come find me and return.

This is the poem that love’s hand wrote.